Full Version Magento 2 Cookie Notice | GDPR | CCPA Extension By Webiators

Cookies are small text files that hold users’ data. These files are stored in web browsers. The data is used to understand the visitors of a website and hence offer a better user experience! As per the EU’s cookie rule, a user must know what personal data is stored in the cookie files and how … Czytaj dalej

Full Version Magento 2 Buy Now Button Extension By Webiators

Buy Now Button by Webiators allows you to create a ‘Buy Now’ button to facilitate customers with one-click checkout. This is an amazing way for store owners to boost the user experience and product sales dynamically on your Magento 2 store. Key Features: Easily configure the extension from the admin panel. The store admin can … Czytaj dalej

Full Version Magento 2 Sticky Add To Cart By Webiators

Page Title Your Magento Store’s “Add To Cart” Button is the most important eCommerce element on your Product page. But it takes up a tiny amount of space. Making the button impossible to miss is a powerful tool, reminding customers to buy. Make your button highly visible to really boost conversions & sales with the … Czytaj dalej

Full Version Magento 2 Guest To Customer Extension By Webiators

Every visitor wants to quick and hassle-free online shopping experience on any e-commerce store that’s why they prefer guest checkout to easily purchase any item. Guest to Customer Extension by Webiators for Magento 2 allows Store Owners to auto convert guest users to registered customers based on the order information without forcing the users to … Czytaj dalej

Full Version GST Extension for Magento 2.4.X

What is this? GST Extension for Magento 2.4.X by NCode Technologies, GST Extension helps you calculate GST Tax Rates and apply GST Tax Slabs in the Product as per the Indian government Rules. Features Easy to install and setup on all versions. All settings are in Magento backend. Enable/Disable the Extension from Magento backend. Admin … Czytaj dalej

Full Version Magento 2 GeoIP Redirection & Locker By Webiators

GeoIP Redirection & Locker by Webiators defines a visitor’s geolocation automatically and redirects them to the necessary page. Based on IP identification, this extension use IPSTACK – Free IP Geolocation API to quickly and precisely identify a visitor’s location to make your store interface even more clear and convenient for foreign visitors. This extension integrates … Czytaj dalej

Full Version Magento 2 SEO Images Alt Text By Webiators

Page Title The alt text helps search engine crawlers to index the image in a better way by providing better image context. In other words, we can say that it is the text description for an image that can make you able to clearly describe the things represented in the image. It is also known … Czytaj dalej

Full Version Magento 2 Shipping Table Rates

Effective shipping process management is a part and parcel of ideal Magento 2 store. However the default Magento 2 does not offer the feature to create multiple custom shipping rates. Hence, Meetanshi has developed Magento 2 Shipping Table Rates extension. It enables creating unlimited custom shipping methods based on product price, quantity, destination, and weight. … Czytaj dalej

Full Version Magento 2 PayPal Multi Currency

The most notable benefit of E-commerce is that it allows you to reach the global platform and a wide customer base. But that ain’t easy! You need to offer features suitable for global customers. And, payments is the crucial among all. Hence, Meetanshi has developed Magento 2 PayPal Multi Currency that allows customers to complete the … Czytaj dalej