Full Version Magento 2 Mobile App Extension

Swiftly establish a fully-featured Magento 2 mobile app of your own. Manage your business through a mobile app and shoot up your earnings in a flash. The img element If you are strong in a machine-driven age you are all aware of it that having only a website won’t get you anywhere. Mobile apps are … Czytaj dalej

Full Version Magento 2 Product Tabs – Product Listing Extension

Magento 2 Product Tabs extension allows you to listing your products in tabs by variety criteria, increasing the usability of your business. The Magento 2 extension supports listing products according to tabs by categories or product fields in Slider or Load More type. You are totally manage tabs by selecting categories or product fields. The … Czytaj dalej

Full Version Magento 2 Promotion Bar | Notification Bar Extension By Webiators

Every store owner wants to promote their products in a very different and attractive way, with the help of which they can engage the users with their store. But by default, Magento does not provide this feature that’s why webiators has developed the Promotion Bar extension to fulfill this requirement. This is a very effective … Czytaj dalej

Full Version Magento2 SEPA Direct Debit Extension

Magento2 SEPA Direct Debit is a payment method extension that allows you to add sepa payment method on checkout. This is the offline payment method, in which user can add IBAN number, BIC code and bank account name after selecting this payment method. Installation guide Installation Steps 1 . You will get a zip folder, … Czytaj dalej

Full Version Magento 2 Read More & Less | Learn More Extension By Webiators

The trend of online business is increasing day by day as everyone takes various ideas to further their business and tries their best to provide the best experience to the users on the digital store. Improved user experience plays an important role in advancing any eCommerce store. Displaying content correctly on online stores is also … Czytaj dalej

Full Version Magento 2 Notification Bar Pro by MageComp

Mainly all the e-commerce store owners face problems in interacting with their store visitors which adversely impact the sales of the store. Sometimes when you connect with your customers with marketing strategies then there is a chance of annoying the customers. By displaying pop ups every now and then the customer gets frustrated and that … Czytaj dalej

Full Version Magento 2 Download Invoice PDF

The download invoice PDF extension for Magento 2 by MageComp makes it possible for the admin and the customers to download the final bill statement in PDF form. Customers fear buying items online because of the tricksters and fraud happening too often nowadays on the internet. It becomes a vital step for the admin to … Czytaj dalej

Full Version Magento 2 Custom Order Number

MageComp’s Custom Order Number extension for Magento 2 stores enables the store owner to alter the order, invoice, shipment, credit memo ids by using the different values as for example prefix and postfix. Accurate order processing and order management are very crucial for your online store and it helps in increasing the customer experience in … Czytaj dalej

Full Version Magento 2 Categories Extension – Grid/Slider/Tabs Listing

Magento 2 Categories extension will be a perfect solution if you’re seeking for a style to display your categories and sub-categories on your website. Magento 2 Categories is a smart extension that allows you to present your categories and sub-categories in the most attractive manner possible on homepage or any page. Specially, this Magento extension … Czytaj dalej