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Swiftly establish a fully-featured Magento 2 mobile app of your own. Manage your business through a mobile app and shoot up your earnings in a flash.

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If you are strong in a machine-driven age you are all aware of it that having only a website won’t get you anywhere. Mobile apps are a prerequisite if you want to outdo the eCommerce endeavor. In today’s era, consumers are mobile-driven. They love buying from their mobile devices. Mobiles are on-the-go devices for the current generation. Mobiles offer elasticity, resilience, and premium amenities to the end-users. As consumers stimulate from PC to mobile phones, you need to adapt to their choices too.

An online store owner can have the significant advantage of having their own mobile applications. Seize reliable consumers with a favorably ameliorated mobile app. Mobile apps deliver more rapid page load times, flexibility, and individualized content advantages to consumers.

eCommerce apps also assist in boosting the brand identity of your store. It constructs more acceptable connections between your store and consumers. Mobile apps are easy to use and customer convenient so they will generate more sales resulting in higher store revenue for your business.

Living in a mobile workforce, you strive to create a mobile app that is ready-to-use and offers all the features that you require.

Focusing on that, MageComp has launched a Mobile app module for Magento 2 which enables business owners to readily launch an app for their store in no time. An app that requires no technical knowledge from your end. Everything is on us except you have to furnish us with your store segments. And you are ready to roll to launch it super quick.

What are the benefits of MageComp’s Mobile App Extension for Magento 2?

1. Swiftly take off your online store into the world of mobile apps.
2. No code & ready to use the app.
3. Bring smasher products into the limelight.
4. Fully supported push notifications feature.
5. Sustainable with all the default Magento product types.
6. Improve your clientele with a Mobile App.

App Features:

✅ Banner Slider,
✅ Brand Slider
✅ Customizable Products for Homepage
✅ Push Notifications
✅ Social Login
✅ All Magento Default Product Types Supported
✅ Coupon Codes

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Demo: Android | iOS | YouTube
UserGuide: https://magecomp.com/support/docs/mobile-app-magento-2/
YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/MagecompInc
Official Site: https://mobileapp.magecomp.com/
Company Site: http://magecomp.com/