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Have you ever thought about making an innovation for your cart system? Because cart is important element of your ecommerce site. The Virtuemart default cart doesn’t allow your client checking cart directly and they get annoyed when being redirected to another page, so reducing their user friendly experience and affecting your sale volumes. Therefore, we need to improve the process with an enhanced module like Tiva Dropdown Cart For Virtuemart.

Tiva Dropdown Cart For Virtuemart makes ecommerce websites look tidy as well as competent, giving customer’s pleasures when reviewing products that they have chosen in shopping activities. With this module, users can update or remove products from cart in a much easier way, without reloading the cart continuously. So it helps customer decrease time for shopping process in your store and this is a big factor that helps you sell more.

What can we do with Tiva Dropdown Cart For Virtuemart ?

  • Quickly review shopping products list on cart.
  • Update quantity of products on cart.
  • Remove products from cart.
  • Empty cart by just one click.
  • Customize cart as you want with many options.

What are our customers saying:

See Tiva Dropdown Cart For Virtuemart here!

What options you can use to customize cart as you want ?

  • Width of products list on cart.
  • Cart icon (there are 6 FontAwesome-icons for your choice).
  • Show cart’s icon or not.
  • Show cart’s title or not.
  • Show cart’s summary or not.
  • Show button [Update Quantity] or not.
  • Show button [Delete Item] or not.
  • Show button [Empty Cart] or not.
  • Show button [Show Cart] or not.
  • Dropdown when cart empty or not.
  • Color of cart’s title.
  • Color of cart’s summary.
  • Background of number on icon.
  • Color of number on icon.
  • Color of product’s name.
  • Color hover of product’s name.
  • Color of product’s quantity.
  • Color of product’s price.
  • Color of total price.
  • Button text color.
  • Button background.
  • Button background hover.
  • Background of cart’s list.

Now let try Tiva Dropdown Cart For Virtuemart to make your website more powerful!

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Version 1.4 (18 May 2020)
    - Updated : Version for Virtuemart 3.6.x

Version 1.3 (29 Apr 2016)
    - Fixed : Language of module when update quantity and delete item on cart.

Version 1.2 (05 Apr 2016)
    - Fixed : Language of module when update cart.

Version 1.1 (29 Mar 2016)
    - Fixed : CSS conflict with other modules.
    - Fixed : Error of add to cart process.
    - Fixed : Display product image when update cart

Version 1.0 (09 Mar 2016)
    - Initial release.

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