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WooCommerce Cart Share & Save
By WeCreativez

WooCommerce cart share and save extends the possibilities of WooCommerce by offering function where user can share and save cart and retrieve it any time. WooCommerce cart share and save will definitely increase your sales and promotions.

  • Fully Responsive
  • Fully Customizable
  • User can share and save cart
  • User can print cart
  • Restore cart anytime
  • Role based access
  • User friendly URL
  • Hundreds of Products added in 4s
  • Using own table
  • Products and coupons in shared cart
  • Light and super fast
  • Automated Updates
  • And More…

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Fix 404 – page not found issue.

Step 1: Go to plugin settings “Woo Cart Share”.
Step 2: Click on “Basic Settings” tab”.
Step 3: Find and click on “Developer Settings” link.
Step 4: Find “Fix 404 Issue” and click “Fix Now” button.

Blank page after retrieve cart.

Step 1: Go to plugin settings “Woo Cart Share”.
Step 2: Click on “Basic Settings” tab”.
Step 3: Find option “Retrieved Cart Redirection”
Step 4: Select the page where user redirect after retrieve a shared cart..
Step 5: Click on “Save Changes” button.

Change Log


  • Tweak: Add admin option to delete old shared cart periodically
  • Tweak: Add the admin option to show the Print cart button on the cart
  • Tweak: Add shared cart list screen options
  • Tweak: Add saved cart list screen options
  • Tweak: Add Email column to saved cart list
  • Tweak: Change inline actions with WordPress default standards
  • Tweak: Add an inline option to delete shared cart
  • Fix: Delete shared cart function to not delete if cart saved


  • Add: Ability to save shared cart for user.
  • Add: Options to change Share icon’s color.
  • Improve: Change font icons with SVG icons.
  • Improve: Print cart PDF layout.
  • Fix: Remove unwanted icons CSS.
  • Tweak: BIG CHANGE: Change classes methods, deprecate functions.
  • Tweak: Swap `Cart Key` and `Saved By` columns.
  • Tweak: Redesign plugin support page.
  • Tweak: Redesign admin view cart page.
  • Tweak: Add option to bulk delete from saved cart list.
  • Tweak: Add option to bulk delete from shared cart list.
  • Remove: RTL admin option. Now, RLT will work with site language.


  • Tweak: Add seprate CSS to apply CSS on print cart.


  • Improved CSS load time.
  • Tweak: Ajax based save cart functionality.


  • Fixed: Icon issues on admin setting pages.


  • Added: Shortcode [wcss-display-saved-carts] to display saved carts.
  • Improved CSS load time.
  • Improved: Added saved cart timestamp on my-account page
  • Fixed: Visibility of Share Cart button on my-account page.
  • Dev: Added wcss_email_cart_headers filter.
  • Dev: Added wcss_my_account_buttons filter


  • Added: Now, admin can see the carts shared by the customers.
  • Added: Option to add/ change Email background color.
  • Fixed: Email cart & Print cart issues from my-account page.
  • Improvement: Increased Saved cart DB column length to 128 from 64 characters.


  • Fixed: PHP 8 error – Unknown format specifier ’;’.


  • Added: Email cart option.
  • Dev: shared_cart_meta data table.
  • Fixed: Share and save cart button issues after quantity update.


  • Fixed: Plugin activation link issue.
  • Declared required and supported WooCommerce.


  • Added: Save cart button and admin option to show and hide trigger buttons.
  • Added: Save cart button and email cart button shortcodes.
  • Added: Facebook messenger APP ID option and share integration admin settings.
  • Added: Documentation admin menu.
  • Added: Button shortcodes documentation.
  • Added: 4 new button location options for cart page.
  • Changed: Separate admin popup text settings from appearance and make it in new tab.
  • Fixed: Shortcode button width and padding.
  • Dev: Added action after saved cart delete.
  • Dev: Added filter wcss_saved_cart_by_user.
  • Dev: Added an action after cart save.
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