Full Version MailBox plugin for RealEstateWeb – with Agency Portal

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Note: This is not a standalone application. This is a plugin for RealEstateWeb – with Agency Portal .
You have to install the
RealEstateWeb – with Agency Portal and Multi-Language Management System to use this plugin.

This plugin integrates a Webmail client inside RealEstateWeb – with Agency Portal.
By enabling, you will be able to create a mailbox with an IMAP account, where all messages from contact form will be delivered to the mailbox account.

also, you can create package for mailbox accoount for site users, user will buy a package, they will get messages from property details -> contact agent form
directly to their mailbox account.

  1. Prerequisites

1. PHP 7.2 or higher.
1. Enabled imap extension in server.
1. An IMAP account which can accept connections over SSL/TLS.