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Laundry script is written to manage laundry businesses, dry cleaners and its online bookings, users can book their orders by selecting the related service like washing, dryclean, ironing and fold etc. and can choose articles, by giving the information of pickup and delivery address, booking process is like a live chart or price estimator with various features like coupon discount, partial payment, guest user checkout etc. Laundry admin can get paid through various payments gateway methods like Paypal, Stripe, PayU money, 2checkout, Authorize.net and can get alerts of booking through SMS. We are providing effortless solution for laundry businesses who want to get booked online. Thanks.
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Demo Booking page: http://skymoonlabs.com/laundry/

Demo Admin : http://skymoonlabs.com/laundry/admin/

UN: demo@demo.com

PW: demo123

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