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This script filter between the contents from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 6 RSS according to a keyword chosen by user, looking for it inside the title of every item in the RSS inserted. As result create a new RSS file or a XML file (with its syntax and its DTD), with only the news that contains that word. To do that it uses the DOMDOCUMENT and SIMPLEXML.


  1. Insert Word
  2. Insert RSS link (only one or more)
  3. Generate new RSS or XML file with only articles which include that word


  • Customizable in some parts
  • It is possible to associate a XSLT transformation file
  • It is possible configure and add the section of ATOM of RSS
  • The file XML includes a Data Type Definition
  • Creates a log file with research data
  • It is possible to use the script also without the graphic interface
  • Graphic interface is compatible with Bootstrap
  • Easy to use

Minimum requirements:

In order to work, the internet connection is necessary.This script works with RSS correctly formatted, otherwise it could cause malfunctions, examples of RSS:

  • The New York Times
  • Le Monde