Full Version Wasabi Integration for RISE CRM

Note: This is not a standalone application. This is a plugin for RISE CRM. You have to install the RISE – Ultimate Project Manager & CRM to use this plugin. Wasabi Integration for RISE CRM is a plugin that allows you to integrate and upload to Wasabi Storage which you upload to RISE CRM. With … Czytaj dalej

Full Version Wasabi Cloud Storage Add-on For Swipgle

Note: Wasabi cloud storage isn’t an independent storage system. wasabi cloud storage is available only for Swipgle only. If you do not purchase Swipgle yet then click here for purchasing Wasabi is S3-compatible cloud object storage, which is intended to be a drop-in replacement for Amazon Web Services’ Simple Storage Service (S3). It can be … Czytaj dalej

Full Version Digitalocean Spaces Add-on For Swipgle

Note: Digitalocean Spaces isn’t an independent storage system. Digitalocean Spaces is available only for Swipgle. If you do not purchase Swipgle yet then click here for purchasing DigitalOcean Spaces provide S3-compatible object storage which lets you store and serve large amounts of data. You can create them in a few seconds and use them immediately … Czytaj dalej

Full Version Droppy – Online file transfer and sharing

More info about Droppy can be found on https://droppy.proxibolt.com. All features Support for multiple files Support for multiple recipients Drag & Drop support Share files using email Share files using a link Automatic file destruction after a specified time or amount of downloads Password protect an upload File encryption Chunked file uploads Automatic upload resume … Czytaj dalej

Full Version uCloud – File Hosting Script – Securely Manage, Preview & Share Your Files

uCloud enables freelancers, small businesses (such as media agencies) and webmasters to easily share their files online. It’s been built to be extremely robust, secure and very fast! Features NEW Core script rewrite to new faster & more powerful MVC framework! Upload Files: NEW BackBlaze storage support. NEW Use with Wasabi using this guide. SFTP, … Czytaj dalej

Full Version Wasabi – Direct Multipart File Transfer

Description: Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage is an enterprise-class and tier-free bit-bucket storage provider that’s compatible with and comparable to Amazon’s S3 business cloud storage solution. With a price of $5.99 per terabyte (TB) per month (based on $.0059 gigabyte or GB per month) and with server farms in 6 regions, Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage has … Czytaj dalej

Full Version Wasabi – Ultimate Personal File Manager

Description: Wasabi File Manager allows you to fully control all your Wasabi Buckets and folders and files inside those buckets. There is no need to access your Wasabi account each time to manage your files. Wasabi File Manager also allows you to interact with various media and image files and share it accordingly via email … Czytaj dalej

Full Version Swipgle – Easy File Transfer SaaS

Swipgle is an easy online file transfer platform that can be used to share large files by email or by generating links, with many options to protect files. you can send files anytime and anywhere just by creating an account, and the script is supporting payments to buy more space for transferring more files. Features: … Czytaj dalej