Full Version CourseLMS – Play & Earn Wallet Coin Addon

This addon provides gaming and earning facilities to Course LMS – Learning Management System. By installing this add-on, students can play games and earn wallet coins to purchase courses. Admin can create game rules. Step by step procedure Course LMS – Learning Management System should be pre-installed in your server. Purchase Play & Earn Wallet … Czytaj dalej

Full Version LensQueen – Photographers Portfolio, Booking, and Digital Content Selling Platform

LensQueen is a responsive professional photographers Portfolio, where people can Online Booking to hire a photographers. It helps professional photographers to sell their photos online. It helps them to manage their day to day images easily and sale them as artwork as well. Upload multiple photos at a time and set the global price for … Czytaj dalej

Full Version Classified Genius – GeniusCart Classified Add-On

Classified Genius Addon for your eCommerce business developed for one of the great eCommerce script named GeniusCart. This is not an independent system. You must need to use Genius Cart. By this Classified Genius Addon you can add, and manages Classified Product from the admin panel, also Vendor is able to manage the classified products … Czytaj dalej

Full Version AWS Amazon S3 Glacier – Long Term Data Archive Service

Description: Amazon S3 Glacier storage classes are purpose-built for data archiving, providing you with the highest performance, most retrieval flexibility, and the lowest cost archive storage in the cloud. All Glacier storage classes provide virtually unlimited scalability and are designed for 99.999999999% (11 nines) of data durability. The Glacier storage classes deliver options for the … Czytaj dalej

Full Version AgileCoin – Alternative Coin Platform

AgileCoin, is a simple and professional Alternative Coin or Alternative Crypto Solution that comes with PHP laravel. It’s developed for those people who are interested to create their own crypto-currency. The word Altcoin is a portmanteau of “alternative” and “coin”, to form “altcoin”. It actually refers to a group of cryptocurrencies, ultimately all the cryptocurrencies … Czytaj dalej

Full Version Appointment Booking Widget for WebSite

Booking steps can be rearranged or skipped Personalize your booking panel to your preferences. Responsive Design The optimum customer experience that responds to the environment of users Custom fields Customize your booking process with element-rich form builder Group Appointment Define the limits of your appointments to reach your maximum capacity Bring People feature Avoid double … Czytaj dalej

Full Version Hybrid Optimize – Next-Gen Optimizer for WordPress

Hybrid Optimize is a Next Generation WordPress Caching Plugin. It’s an all-in-one solution for WordPress Website Caching. And boost your website loading time. Key Features Page Caching Generate static HTML pages and serve them directly from your web server. Cache Preloading Automatically generate cached pages when you make some changes. Preload links Preloads a page … Czytaj dalej

Full Version WooCommerce POS RFID Card Add-on

WooCommerce POS RFID Card Add-on WooCommerce POS RFID Card Add-On provides the customers with a feature to pay using the RFID cards. The customers will have to tap their RFID cards at the RFID reader device to complete the payment process. The POS agents can assign or update the RFID of the customers. They can … Czytaj dalej

Full Version Email Creator – Professional WooCommerce Email Templates

Email Creator – The Way Out Of “Plain” Woocommerce Emails You’ve got a shop on WooCommerce, but you don’t want the same old email template everyone else uses. You need something different and unique. With Email Creator, you can create eccentric & beautiful emails with a few clicks of your mouse. ➥ Unique And Aesthetic … Czytaj dalej