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Are you offering the best customer experience in your niche? Do you want it to get better? Is your store falling short in managing customer queries? The answer to all these questions is Meetanshi’s Magento 2 Custom Contact Form extension.

The extension offers a customizable contact form where a frontend user can select the contact department to submit the query. For example, the query for sales will be submitted to the sales department when a user selects it from the frontend contact form. 

Doing so, effective and quick query management becomes possible. Answering the customers’ questions promptly improves the customer experience.

Moreover, the customer query with its details is saved in the backend grid. And, the admin gets notified via Email of every query submitted. Sorted! Only with the Meetanshi’s Magento 2 Custom Contact Form!

Benefits of Magento 2 Custom Contact Form:

  • Department-specific contact forms for easy and efficient customers’ query management.
  • Offers a backend grid “Manage Contact Departments” to save the already created contact departments with the details like name, email ID, and its status.
  • Add a new contact department from the backend using the “Add New Department” button.
  • To enable a contact department, configure it using the details like name, and the comma-separated email IDs associated with the departments.
  • Option for the frontend user to select the department to which the query is to be submitted.
  • The name of the user, Email ID, query text, and the department is saved in the “Manage Contact Inquiries” backend grid.
  • Use delete mass action to delete multiple inquiries from this grid.
  • If there are multiple Email IDs associated with a contact department, a copy of the customer inquiry is sent to each of them.
  • When a new inquiry is submitted, the admin gets notified via an email with the details like Name, Email ID, phone, and message text.
  • Quick, efficient, and sorted inquiry management to enhance the customer experience.

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