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Price Product by Weekday for WooCommerce

An extension for WooCommerce, it helps you discount or increase price of product by weekday customer buy. You can set all product discount by weekdays. Or set individual product price by weekday. This plugin support simple product and varible product.


Price Product by Weekday for WooCommerce

  • Easy to configuration.
  • Price by weekday for all product
  • Price by weekday for individual product
  • Support simple product and variable product
  • With global product (all product): set discount or increase by weekday. Example:
    • Monday: discount: 5%
    • Tuesday: discount: %5
    • Wednesday: discount: 5%
    • Saturday: increase: 10%
    • Sunday: increase: 10%
  • With individual product. You can add price by weekdays. Example:

    • Monday: $15
    • Tuesday: $16
    • Wednesday: $17
    • Thursday: $18
    • Friday: $19
    • Saturday: $25
    • Sunday: $25
  • Easy to change text label in table price weekdays
  • Easy to customize font-size, color label in table price by weekdays
  • Translate multi-language ready