Full Version ReadyKit – Admin & User Dashboard Templates (with functionality) for Laravel + Vue App Development

Main Page Informations

ReadtKit – A smart solution for building applications with ready UI and good laravel application structure. It contains many ready components which are required for most of the applications. It includes user role management, email, notifications and other CRUD functionality. If you are planning to develop your next project and want to save thousands of hours, then ReadyKit could the best solution for you.
Developed using Laravel 8 and Vue. Required PHP 7.4+.


Preview link: https://readykit.gainhq.com/
Email: admin@demo.com
Password: 123456
Developer Guide: Documentation


  • Paypal payment gateway integration.
  • Stripe payment gateway integration.
  • Implemented chat between all users.
  • Dark and light mode template.
  • RTL theme
  • Mandatory application settings with UI.
  • Datatables with CRUD functionality.
  • Multiple dashboards example.
  • Calendar View.
  • Kanban View for task management.
  • List and card View.
  • Dynamic filters.
  • Automated form validation functionality.
  • Report view.
  • Lots of UI elements
  • User authentication.
  • User role management.
  • User profile.
  • Email Templates
  • Notifications
  • Error pages
  • And many more.

Change Logs

Version 2.0 – 30 June, 2021

[Added] Paypal payment gateway integration
[Added] Implemented chat between all users
[Added] Socket/Pusher implementation
[Updated] Improve documentation
[Fixed] Fixed some bugs 

Version 1.5 – 10 May, 2021

[Added] Stripe payment gateway integration
[Fixed] Some bugs.   

Version 1.4 – 10 February, 2021

[Added] Guide line for deployment on server
[Updated] Documentation
[Updated] Improvement Dashboard design
[Updated] Datatable pagination enhancement
[Fixed] Fixed some bugs  

Version 1.3.2 – 3 February, 2021

[Fixed] Fixed some bugs.  

Version 1.3.1 – 1 February, 2021

[Updated] Calendar version update
[Updated] Data table feature update 
[Updated] Multiple clear option in filter
[Updated] Improvement on UI
[Fixed] Fixed some bugs.  

Version 1.3 – 31 December, 2020

[Added] Added card view with list view.  
[Added] Added calendar. 
[Added] Added kanban view. 
[Added] Added report view.  
[Added] Added multi-language support.  
[Updated] Improved some UI
[Fixed] Fixed some issues in RTL.  
[Fixed] Fixed bug on email settings. 

Version 1.2 – 23 November, 2020

[Fixed] Fixed some psr 4 warnings. 

Version 1.1 – 16 November, 2020

[Added] RTL support 
[Updated] Re-arranges some UI positions.