Full Version CRM Repost – share automatically your Facebook Pages posts to multiple social networks

Main Page Informations

CRM Repost is an app for the Midrub CMS version +. It can’t be installed in WordPress or used anywhere else without the  
Midrub CMS version +. 

The CRM Repost app provides advanced features to repost a Facebook Page posts to multiple social networks in the wanted accounts. You could simply publish the posts in your Facebook Pages and the CRM Repost app will receive them in
the same moment. Next, the app will publish where you wish. 

This app could be sold as SAAS service and it could be limited by  number of published posts per month.

Demo video: https://youtu.be/wDHpOf6ufRA 

The CRM Repost app has a lot of features and below you could see all of them, grouped by sections:

Facebook Pages

User is able to connect its Facebook Pages. By plan you could decide how many Facebook Pages could connect each user. 

For the connected Facebook Page the app creates two pages in the app:

  • Settings – where the user could configure the reposting options.
  • Info – where user could get information about the connected Facebook Page.

In the Settings page the user is able to see what kind of data the app receives from Facebook when a new post is created.


User is able to connect its accounts. By plan you could decide how many Facebook Pages could connect each user. 

The accounts could be connected with a click and by default them are already configured for posting. With a click on the selected account, the user is able to decide what kind of data won’t be published(for example the user wants to
publish only the images without the videos or text).

Accounts options:

  • User could decide which received data from Facebook will be published.
  • User could add by default text, link and an image url. These will be published in all posts together with other received data.
  • User could decide for each account when the post will be published. The delay could be up to 30 days.
  • User could make automatically the post’s text original with the synonyms.


In the CRM Repost app -> History page the user could see all received posts from Facebook. Even if these posts weren’t reposted, the received posts are displayed anyway. The post’s content is requested in real time from Facebook and
if the post is deleted, there will be only a message which explains this.

In each post is possible to see where was reposted the received post. Each reposted post has too a history section where the user could see how the post was published and encountered errors provided directly from the social
networks. The app is able to save well the publish errors and you just need a well configured server to provide professional reports for each reposted post.


In the CRM Repost app the users are able to create a list with words and synonyms. The synonyms will replace in random way the words found in the post’s message. You could see how this works in this video 

The categories are allowing to group the synonyms. You could have accounts in multiple languages and is important to keep care about how are used the synonyms. If an account has selected one or multiple categories, only the words with
these categories will be used to be replaced with their synonyms.

Social Networks

The social networks are based on a single class and the developers could integrate new social networks by following the existing structure and without affecting the core of this app. After the update, the custom added social networks
won’t be affected.

Supported social networks by default are:

  • Facebook Pages – is possible to repost the Facebook Pages posts to another Facebook Pages. Could be reposted the post text, link, images and video.
  • Facebook Groups – is possible to repost the Facebook Pages posts to multiple Facebook Groups. Could be reposted the post text, link, images and video.
  • Instagram – is possible to repost the Facebook Pages posts to multiple Instagram’s accounts. Could be reposted the post text, link, images and video. The photos aren’t resized and is important to have right resolution.
  • Pinterest – is possible to repost the Facebook Pages posts to multiple Pinterest’s accounts. Could be reposted the post, text, link, an image and video. The app could create pins with videos and cover for the videos.


This app is created to provide professional services. For this reason, all activities done by the team’s members are registered and the team’s owner could see what are doing his agents.


The CRM Repost app provides a lot of permissions to control the team’s members actions in the app.

Plan’s Limits

The administrator could decide how many posts will be reposted by plan. When the limit is reached, will be displayed a box in the Repost app -> History. You could see the limts here 

Plan’s Usage

In real time the team’s owner could see how many posts were reposted in the current month. This data is displayed in the CRM Settings app -> Plan Usage page.


This app uses the Midrub CMS cache and for this reason it loads faster. 

Quick Guide

The apps in the CRM collection are very big and complex. For this reason, the Quick Guide allows to guide the user in any enabled app. You could see how to enable the Quick Guide for this app here 


This app supports automatic updates. You could update it with several clicks. 


First of all, you need a well configured server. We can’t verify your server configuration to help you to configure it.

For Facebook Pages you need to have approved these permissions: pages_show_list, pages_manage_metadata, pages_read_engagement(without these 3, the item won’t work even if you need only Pinterest posting), pages_manage_posts
and publish_video.

For Facebook Groups you need to have approved these permissions: Groups Api and publish_to_groups.

For Pinterest you need to have approved these scopes: user_accounts:read, boards:read, boards:read_secret, pins:read, pins:read_secret, boards:write, boards:write_secret, pins:write, pins:write_secret.

For Instagram you need to have approved these permissions: instagram_basic and instagram_content_publish.

We’re not selling the permissions and you will receive the basic information about how to get them. Is required to have a registered company.


Configuration: https://www.midrub.com/categories/repost-4 

How to fix the errors: https://www.midrub.com/categories/errors-5

Usage: https://www.midrub.com/categories/repost 

Social Networks: https://www.midrub.com/categories/networks-4 

General Information: https://www.midrub.com/categories/repost-2

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